Moon's Dream Productions

Since its founding, Moon's Dream Productions has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available, the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support, and high-level technical education.


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Saturday, 30 August 2008 00:23

Moon's Dream Productions was established in 2000. It is a 100 percent Bahraini owned company and based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our services are also exported to the neighbouring Arab Gulf countries. The owner Sharokh Ghulam Akhtarzadeh educated in Quidenham, Norfolk, U.K. a musician and composer who was involved in many music bands in the U.K.


Moon's Dream Productions is a division of Moon Stores established in 1949. Moon Stores is the largest music instrument shop in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Gulf.

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Saturday, 30 August 2008 00:18

With the state of the art equipments we can provide for a full stadium.


Moon's Dream Productions excels at providing highly motivated and capable professional people for intense environment of live event productions. We are capable of doing live shows for the most demanding superstars throughout the world whether they are from the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Moon's Dream Productions doesn't just do concert work. We also provide services to sporting events, festivals, ice shows, graduation, wedding, car/product launches, magic shows etc..... 

Moon's Dream Productions has a very large inventory of the latest sound equipments which are world industry standard. Just to mention a few;

  1. Soundcraft Series Five FOH mixing desk 56 channels 
  2. Soundcraft SM12 Monitor mixing desk 52 channels
  3. Meyer Sound Laboratories – Powered speakers and subwoofers
  4. KV2 VHD (Very High Definition) speaker systems
  5. BSS, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, T.C. Electronics
  6. Klotz snakes, splitters
  7. Avolites mixing desk and dimming systems
  8. Robe, Highend, Coemar, Studio Due lighting equipments
  9. Mega size Stage Truss Stage System
  10. Mega Performance Stage 

Attention to entertainers arriving in Bahrain;

Should you lose your guitar while flying or your double bass has been damaged or broken. Don’t worry! We can always find you one from our Moon Stores music shop as they have mostly everything! We understand that “The Show Must Go On”.

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Saturday, 30 August 2008 00:21

Moon's Dream Productions enjoys a long history partnership with the hotel/resort and corporate event industries. We provide highly skilled trade professionals in all fields of Audio/Visual enhancement.


With our unique capabilities our skilled technicians will project the proper image to your client to the actual design and implementations of your client's dream, everything is possible.

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Today's event production environment comes with a complex set of challenges. The solution to the challenge of producing successful events is a team of skilled professionals. Moon's Dream Productions is a full service production company that will meet these challenges and exceed your expectations. Electricians, camera operators, carpenters, stage technicians, audio, lighting and projection specialists all play a major role in our team.


Trace came out with new set up on the stage and came out with both barrels blazing and put on a great concert.

Moon's Sound can trace, Moon's Sound went there to establish an acoustics laboratory  for Advanced Musical Studies, where we developed key technologies that laid the foundation for the first Moón's products.






Stage  is a designated space for the performance of theatrical productions. The stage serves as a space for actors or performers and a focal point for the members of the audience. As an architectural feature, the stage may consist of a platform (often raised) or series of platforms. In some cases, these may be temporary or adjustable but in theaters and other buildings devoted to such productions, the stage is often a permanent feature.



We are available on a moments notice to provide assistance, expertise and solutions to our partners.

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